With our mantra of "more security with less complexity", CloudTantra helps organizations protect their applications and digital assets with elevated security and controls - With a proven platform and a team of deep domain experienced professionals.

Application Security

Application security is a crucial aspect of software and digital assets to protects from potential threats and vulnerabilities. With the increasing reliance on technology and the growing number of online transactions, ensuring the security of applications has become more important than ever.

Rigorous analysis to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in the application architecture

Threat Modeling

Secure Coding Best Practices

We adhere to industry best practices in coding to prevent common security issues

Regular Security Audits

Periodic audits and assessments to identify and address emerging security concerns

Ensure a more resilient and secure application build that protect against a wide range of security threats like:

  • SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Command Injection, XSS attacks and other injection vulnerabilities

  • Enforce least privilege principles, Use secure session management techniques, Secure Password Storage, strong encryption

Application Threat Modeling is a structured approach used to identify, prioritize, and mitigate potential security threats to software applications.

It involves systematically analyzing an application's architecture, design, and implementation to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, and then developing appropriate counter measures to mitigate those risks

Regular security audits are crucial for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities and risks. Some key aspects of our audit process include:

  • Prioritize security audit based on the level of risk

  • Perform a thorough assessment of security controls, policies, and procedures to identify weaknesses, gaps, and non-compliance

  • Evaluate security controls and practices against established standards, frameworks, and best practices

CloudTantra offers comprehensive, cost-effective best-of-breed application testing services
three men sitting on chair beside tables
three men sitting on chair beside tables

Features & Capabilities

Our services are backed by a structured approach that aligns with industry best practices and frameworks, a vast experience and continuous improvement which lead to sustainable, efficient and flexible service delivery models and a commitment of end-to-end ownership and timely delivery.

  • Secure SDLC services

  • Threat Modelling & Design Reviews

  • Secure Code Reviews

  • Web/Mobile Applications Penetration Testing

  • Web Services Penetration Testing

A comprehensive set of services